Commercial LED Retrofits – Are they Worth it in the GTA?

Many of the commercial buildings in the GTA are still outfitted with traditional lighting solutions. As a result, traditional lighting options (such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting) continue to waste electricity and cost owners substantially more money overall.

We all know the benefits of switching to LED lighting in our own homes – every LED lightbulb you buy will show you explicitly how much more efficient it is than older types of bulbs. The same holds true for larger scale LED lighting solutions in commercial buildings. When LED lights are used in commercial applications, the benefits are multiplied even more to provide better savings – especially when you look at the electricity savings over the long term.

When an incandescent lighting solution is replaced with a new LED retrofit solution, owners can expect to save as much as 75% (compared to incandescent lights) on annual energy use associated with lighting. When retrofitting fluorescent lighting solutions with LED, the savings are still approximately 50% in annual energy use associated with lighting. These substantial and immediate savings make it possible to pay for the retrofitting project in a relatively short period of time. When you factor in available rebates from Ontario’s SAVE ON Energy program that can offset as much as 50% of the LED lighting retrofit capital costs, the decision to upgrade your existing lighting becomes even easier.

Additional Benefits of LED Retrofitting
Additional Benefits of LED Retrofitting

In addition to the obvious energy savings that come with installing LED lighting in commercial buildings, there are other important benefits that can be realized as well.

Durability – LEDs are solid state lights and do not typically have glass surrounding them. This greatly reduces the chances of accidental damage or breakage.

Lifespan – LED lights simply last much longer than other traditional forms of lighting. With expected lifespans of over 5 times as long as fluorescent lights, LED lights require fewer replacements which further expand potential savings.

Increased property values – Anything you can do to increase the Net Operating Income of your building will have a positive effect on your property value. Significantly reducing monthly power and maintenance costs by installing LED lighting will directly improve the Net Operating Income for your commercial property.

The InLight Solutions Difference
The InLight Solutions Difference

Choosing the right company for your LED Retrofitting project will have a huge impact on the entire experience. InLight Solutions offers complete turnkey LED retrofit solutions for commercial building owners across the GTA.

Are you interested in knowing just how much an LED retrofit project will save you in terms of electricity and overhead costs?

InLight Solutions offers complimentary personalized lighting assessments by expert auditors. These assessments will take into account all relevant factors such as current usage, fixture and lamp schedules, and the exact kWh hydro rate obtained directly from previous hydro bills. This information is then used to create a comprehensive report that makes it incredibly simple to visualize the capital cost of the project, the government rebates that can be applied and the annual energy savings that can be expected. Contact InLight Solutions today for all of your GTA commercial LED retrofit needs today.


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